4 simple tips to make you sleep better and stay healthy like never before.

better sleep

Sometimes it is very hard for us to find sleep. We roll from one side to the other and the carousel rotates in our head: “If I do not fall asleep right now, then ...” There are easy-to-implement tips for a better sleep. Remember if you take medicines like zyrtec than it can also make you sleepy.


It is not alone the duration of sleep important, even the quality. And that is not really high, if simple, you probably hitherto unknown factors disturb the night rest ! If you are not able to sleep properly, you will be harmed. Your learning and memory will decrease, your metabolism will change, you will inevitably gain weight , your daily fatigue will be higher and will lead to “blackouts” that endanger safety. Sleep disturbances permanently depressed, can cause cardiac arrhythmias and hypertension, and sleep deficiency also damages the immune system.

The right temperature

In the evening, when the blood pressure drops, we tend to shiver - and turn in the winter like heating or go to bed with thick socks. And that does not exactly make for a good sleep! Many studies have found that a temperature in the bedroom should be between 15 and 20 degrees - never higher! Lower temperatures can lead to respiratory infections, higher temperatures are not good for restful sleep. The body then sweats and does not come to rest. Also thick wool socks are not good, because in our sleep, the feet provide us with a good and fast way to regulate our body temperature. If the body is too warm during sleep, the body temperature can be lowered quickly by extending a bare foot. If the foot is placed in a thick wool sock, the cooling is prevented and the regulation of the body temperature is disturbed. Sleep is less relaxing. So: window on and temperature down and then with naked feet under the covers!

Absolute darkness when sleeping

Our body produces the sleep hormone melatonin, which lets us sleep well so that we wake up refreshed. This sleep-hormone is, however, sensitive, it is decomposed by light . So the darker your bedroom is, the more melatonin can be formed, the deeper and more restful your sleep. So make sure you darken your bedroom with light-weight curtains, blinds or roller shutters, and keep away from the hottest light sources before going to bed. Also, if you have to go to the bathroom at night, you should try to get along with as little light as possible . A small, rather dark night light with a movement sensor helps, for example, to switch on the floor and in the bathroom without “lighting” properly. If you switch on light, You destroy the sleep hormone in your body and the sleep after your toilet run no longer has the same quality as before. So: light off, light-tight roller blind down and then eyes too!

Mobile off!

Many now have the mobile phone beside her on the night table. As an alarm clock, clock or for podcasts and radio plays to fall asleep. If you are part of it, make sure your phone does not make any noise at all. The flight mode is ideal. No sound and no vibration alarm should disturb your sleep. Also, turn the phone down with the display so your sleep can not be disturbed by a lit screen when, for example, a push message appears on it. You think you do not mind, but a bright display is perceived subconsciously in your sleep - and has influence on the formation of your sleeping hormone by the light! So: mobile phone off and with the display down!

Switch off electrical appliances

Some of the bedrooms are similar to an electric market: TVs, loudspeakers, stereo, projectors, radios, DVD players ... All hang on the power supply, all have flashing and bright LCD displays, LED lights and more. If you think you have to build this electric market in your bedroom (instead of the living room), make sure that you can not disturb this “electric smog” in your sleep . This is quite simple: Pull the plug! Simply turning the devices off and leaving them on standby is not enough to eliminate the electrosmog. It is ideal to use a so-called “master slave” socket. To which you connect all devices and press before the fall asleep only a single button, in order to turn them all off. And then to sleep healthy without electric smog.